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TBG005 – Aditi Singh – The Diversity Geek

The Biz Geek 003- Aditi Singh: Raising World Children

Aditi Singh is the definition of a multi-talented woman. She currently writes for Thrive Global as well as Huffington Post. She also dabbles in social media management as well as blogging, but her largest project is called Raising World Children, which is a digital magazine that deals primarily with the marriages of different cultures and how that affects parenting. Today, Aditi shares how she conceived the idea for her current project, her vision for the future of her career, and what she hopes to accomplish through the publication of Raising World Children.


Make sure to tune in for all of this and more on this episode of The Biz Geek!


  • What does Aditi geek out over?
  • Aditi’s favorite geeky movies and franchises.
  • What Aditi has learned from her favorite book, The Fountainhead.
  • What Aditi finds so compelling about Harry Potter.


Tweetable: “Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea.” -Aditi Singh (The Fountainhead)



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