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Confessions of an Excited Wonder Woman Fan

I finally got to the theater to see the new Wonder Woman film.  It was everything I imagined and more.  I have been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a little girl and I was thrilled to finally have a big screen movie to see her in….but I have a confession…I kinda forgot about her when I became an adult.  My life got busy.  There was school, then work, then marriage, then triplets.  I let my comic book fandom and, by extension, my love for Wonder Woman, fall to the wayside.

This movie renewed my love for her and I am reminded of my reasons:

  1. Wonder Woman is powerful.  Even “back then” when the world was more male-centric, she was a powerful force to be reckoned with and she always put the bad guys away (and most of them were guys).
  2. Diana Prince held her own in a “civilian” job that was usually staffed by men.  She is also the only female founding member of the JLA.
  3. Wonder Woman has an abundance of Confidence.
  4. Diana Prince has great negotiating skills and shows great emotional intelligence.
  5. Wonder Woman is physically strong.  Not just strong, but as strong as, if not stronger than, Superman.
  6. Diana Prince is independent.  This wasn’t really on my radar as a child, but now, as a single woman, I appreciate the fact that she is not just there to be someone’s wife or girlfriend…she is independent and does not need a man to define or inform her life.

So I apologize to Wonder Woman for my lackluster fandom and hope from this point forward I can shout my appreciation of her from the rooftops (or at the very least from this blog and podcast) more often.  My 6 year old self is squealing with glee at the fact that she is back and fiercer than ever.  I will ever strive to have:


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About the author, Regina

I am a widowed mother of 10 yr old triplet girls. I live in St. Louis, MO and host another podcast for Parents of Multiples called Multiple Personalities. I have started this podcast and business to help Parents help their kids find and follow their dreams.

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